Hartford City, Indiana

I took my husband to the second seminar and we bought the platinum package. I read the book did the worksheet and faxed it back after carefully reading the workbook sent home with us.

I was going to attend the boot camp workshop in Syracuse NY on Feb. 17,2011. I planned on leaving Wednesday morning and getting a motel room as weather is unpredictable in the northeast. Well when I checked my account on Wednesday morning I was in the red.

I went to my bank got a printout of my account and found out they had double charged me through electronic checking. I called them and faxed my bank statements as requested.

I finally got an answer back at 6:00 pm est and was told my account would be credited the money and it would take a couple of hours. Thursday no money and finally after talking to a superior I still do not know when I will get my money and this man laughed at me.It is still an ongoing problem keep this company away from your money

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You are telling me I owe you for November.

There is money in the account





ALWAYS report such discrepancy to your bank ASAP. 1st, it provides proof of an error you did not make and 2nd, they are able to initiate an investigation immediately.

Reposting back to your account may take 1-10 days. At least with your bank there is more credibility that something is being done.

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