Platte, South Dakota

We went to storesonline lunch and presntation and it is ALL UP FRONT. They want to do for you what you can't do for you.

Set up a website and sell drop shipment items. To get the knowledge and experence of setting up a web site and maintaining it would be at least 2 semesters of trade school or community college which is what? 1, 2, $3,000. There is a lot of bad "reviews" on storesonline but really, show me one who is more than simply a sad sucker who doesn't appreciate the money he/she spent to get educated that paying people at free lunches to make money for you is a risky deal.

Actually the complaints that get posted, as in "published" to the internet are libel but apparently the company is raking in so much money they don't give a $hit. Hey I can have a seminar, "How to make thousands taking down websites posting libel from disgruntled suckers"

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:cry waste of time listening to that sucked...found out I had to pay to get MP3 player shipped so I through that coupon in not waste your time and especially do not waste your MONEY


HA! The 'lunch'....we were 'specially invited' to a 'dinner' was the same crappy mystery meat, red potatoe salad and brownie...omg...


SO must have a contract with an online croissant and mystery meat drop ship company....thats all they seem to serve from Australia to Canada,,,,scammed with a side of oily pasta salad and a stale brownie....Oh and my MP3 junkster came pre-loaded with Icelandic songs which is OK if you are from Iceland but not so good here in english speaking Canada!!!! :zzz :zzz :zzz


I went to the same thing. Was given a card to get a MP3 player but the site to get it keeps coming up broken...


I went to the same thing yesterday in Fayetteville, Ar. Nothing but a sales pitch!

They go on a on about how all these people have made so much money and how great dropshipping is. The very of the bottom screen saying that the results are not typical. Well they tell us that a website is $199 from stores online. Then we get to the end and then he breaks us a deal- $38!

38 bucks?!?!?

People dove for it! I had actually wrote down our debit number when my husband started reconsidering-I'm glad he did, because looking back, it was nothing but a sales pitch-the ipod shuffle we were supposed to get was never even mentioned, we get an mp3 player which I bet will suck once it finally gets here-and the food sucked!


What is your position at Stores Online?

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