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I bought into Storeonline program 6 years ago and have had the great fortune of running a successful small business with 1 of the 6 units purchased (really got taken there). I have had a fairly good working relationship with the technical support division until this last year.

Now all I can get is increasingly poor service with obviously outsourced call center. No brain surgeons here...they can't even remember your name (even after you have repeated it 6 times on one call). No more support, forget about even trying to do a new thing. Begging for an American office to call to no avail...I'm really fed up.

Going to be taking my business back to the USA for hosting - even though it will cost my plenty in time and money...just not worth the effort anymore. Storeonline SUCKS~!

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Kensington, New South Wales, Australia #741231

I had a webstore with storesonline which i made a bit if money with for 3 yrs then sold it. The store is still published with them 6yr later.

Yet now i want to use one if my other 2 remaining licenses whereby the receipt states i can access and create them immediately with the passwords provided and without storesonlines knowledge ( meaning their sale pitch back then of build it and only pay once you publish) also in the licence certs the same info and that i have prepaid $100 for each one for live chat and that the licenses are perpetual and dont it turns out all that no longer applies and i cannot access my remaining licenses as my receipt of sale states quite clearly i am able to do! I followed all their terms of publishing my 1st site within the first yr of purchase, now the so called "ongoing" cost of $24.99 australian, since that is where they sold me the sites, is no longer being honoured and they have defaulted on my receipt of sale very blatantly and illegally!

If anyone has similar experiences with this corrupt business please post and like on facebook page called storesonline is a scam.

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